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Party Tips and What to Expect:

Our portable round pen is 20' in diameter and fits in most yards. The panels are 7' long and interlock easily on reasonably level ground. We set it up at large parties or ones that have many smaller children for safety reasons. We prefer sand, dirt, or grass–in that order–to do the rides on.

round pen

Here are some observations we’ve made during our stay at parties and other events.

It works well to schedule the pony rides to start a half an hour after the party starts. This allows guests to arrive and greet each other.

Smaller children (between the ages of 1 and 4) may only want to sit on the pony or ride it for a very short period with a parent close by. Often, they are much more brave on their second turn. We will take the age of the children attending into consideration when giving you an estimate on the optimum amount of time you should schedule for pony rides.

Our ponies are accustomed to dogs near and around them. Dogs at times will attempt to run around, nip, or generally act playfully with the ponies. Although your dog may be very kind and friendly, we ask that you confine him or her for the duration of the pony’s stay.

Plan enough time for the rest of your activities. Leave time for organized games, cake cutting, and present opening for when the rides are completed. We can help you with a time line and games that will go along with your party’s theme and will work with you to provide you the best possible order of activities


Ponies and Paints comes to you in a full-size truck and 14' bumper-pull trailer. We fit in most neighborhoods with ease. Setting aside a designated parking area for us is appreciated. We like to unload our equipment nearby but prefer having a quiet place to get the ponies ready.

When sending out invitations, be sure to notify parents that there will be pony rides at the party. We suggest having the children wear close-toed shoes around the ponies and while riding.

Having other mellow activities going on at the same time as the pony rides keeps guests entertained until it’s their turn to ride. Sports and high-energy games are best held in an area away from the ponies. This helps ensure the safety of the children, ponies, and handlers.

Keeping balloons and long streamers away from the designated pony ride area is greatly appreciated. The ponies are used to popping balloons, but they make our handlers jumpy! Balloons tied at lower levels next to the ponies are tempting for the children to grab as the pony they are riding walks by them. They also are liable to hit or entangle a child, pony, or handler as they walk by.

Having an adult or a responsible older child nearby to assist in keeping children from running up behind the ponies is extremely helpful. This keeps all of us safer and more relaxed. It is especially important with the smaller children as they do not understand the danger of sneaking up on a pony that cannot see them.


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